Play That Record!

It’s been almost 5 years since my last blog post … and LOTS has happened since, both personally and musically.

Me and a bunch of friends created The 264 Cru, which changed the clubbing landscape in Dubai and introduced a different sound to the city, then I worked at a failed music start-up, and started DJing and collecting vinyl!

Since lockdown began and not being able to share music as much as before, I decided to start uploading full recordings of some of the records I receive.

This record was my first play after receiving it fresh. It’s by a band called Magic In Threes. Discovered the band through a YouTube channel now called Proved Records – previously known as Provocative Educative !, Is a YT channel dedicated to dig out the underground gems of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Electronic & other genres of music.

I would like to take some time here to give a very special shout-out to Bandcamp for being the leading beacon that’s truly keeping the music industry alive. I’ve tried to reach out last year with a new pivot in mind for them, which could’ve been a flaming success now in this new pandemic digital landscape, but unfortunately couldn’t reach anyone there.

I host a show on this leading Indian online community radio station called Boxout FM, where I share my latest finding and purchases from Bandcamp appropriately called the Bandcamp Hour.

The Toe Wiggling Master of the Sarod

The Score

The Score has been running a fairly impressive season with a diverse selection of highly distinguished classical musicians from all over the globe. From the “kings of the classical saxophone” to Catrin Finch, the former official harpist to The Prince of Wales; The Score felt “there can be no better choice to reflect Dubai’s rich diversity and cultural abundance” than to conclude with a globally acclaimed artist, Amjad Ali Khan.

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All Girl Bands

Emarati all girl rock band

The National newspaper posted this article today about an Emirati all girl rock band .. it’s cool and all, but I doubt they’re any good  (I just figured from the way the girls were holding their guitars :p ) .. so i decided to give them a listen and put reason to my judgement.

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Last Day of Sikka

Attended the Sikka art fair last Sunday on it’s last day.

Loved the location! It’s based in an “old” looking district, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Got all these spaces for different uses and functions, and 3 outdoor stages Continue reading

Come in .. there’s loads of more room in The Fridge!

Tarek Yamani is an award winning, New York based jazz pianist – bringing an intellectually and musically stimulating programme of Jazz standards, Brazillian songs and his own original compositions. Experience jazz at its purest and most intense and look forward to a few special guest appearances. Fans of jazz and top-shelf tunes dont miss out! ”

That was The Fridge‘s event description that was held last Monday the 11th of March, 2013.

Getting to the venue wasn’t that hard if you had the general directions of where it’s located, which is tucked away in Al-Qouz 1 industrial area, in Al-Serkal Avenue. It gives the event a more authentic and exclusive feel.

Taken by @Marzypantz

Taken by @Marzypantz
“… quite a humble setting,…” Gavin Cassidy

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Nirvana 2013

Nirvana 2013 Nirvana 2013

Ustad Zakir Hussein (tabla), Bela Fleck (Banjo), Edgar Meyer (Upright Bass), U Srinivas (Mandolin) and Rakesh Chaurasia (Flute) played last Thursday at the World Trade Center in Dubai, to an almost sold-out crowd.

The first time I saw Zakir Hussein play live was 4 years ago in Dubai at the Aviation Club, so I had high expectations for this concert. Continue reading

A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerlad played last Thursday at The Q’s Analog Room night in Dubai. What a treat! He played real time with 2 macs on Reason and a keyboard dropping mad tunes for 2 and a half hours.

Analog Room crew have been booking quality acts and is probably the best running night in Dubai.