“Noches Sueños”—Mala featuring Danay Suárez

Buenos días chicos y chicas!

It’s the first time I think that I’ve ever woken up this early (10:30am) on a weekend, other than the camping trips!

This is the first tune that I played .. Mala’s a Don

“Noches Sueños”—Mala featuring Danay Suárez

yes I know it means “Night Dreams” as per google translate … but it can mean reflecting on those night dreams that you just had 😛

Last Day of Sikka

Attended the Sikka art fair last Sunday on it’s last day.

Loved the location! It’s based in an “old” looking district, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Got all these spaces for different uses and functions, and 3 outdoor stages Continue reading

Deep Frequencies

A new mix done by MiNiMaL exploring dubstep’s deeper frequencies … vibes that you would only find the thousand leagues deep! This badman surfaced them and presents them in a fresh mix for your ears!

Take a deep breath and enjoy 🙂

Deep Dark MiNiMAL


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Come in .. there’s loads of more room in The Fridge!

Tarek Yamani is an award winning, New York based jazz pianist – bringing an intellectually and musically stimulating programme of Jazz standards, Brazillian songs and his own original compositions. Experience jazz at its purest and most intense and look forward to a few special guest appearances. Fans of jazz and top-shelf tunes dont miss out! ”

That was The Fridge‘s event description that was held last Monday the 11th of March, 2013.

Getting to the venue wasn’t that hard if you had the general directions of where it’s located, which is tucked away in Al-Qouz 1 industrial area, in Al-Serkal Avenue. It gives the event a more authentic and exclusive feel.

Taken by @Marzypantz

Taken by @Marzypantz
“… quite a humble setting,…” Gavin Cassidy

Being in the “glamorous” Dubai, Continue reading

NEWSTED — Soldierhead


IMO he was definitely the driving talent of Metallica, other than the deceased Cliff Burton, after listening to this single.

This 4 track EP, Metal, kicks whatever Metallica spewed since his departure.

This single sounds like the mid-Metallica with a Megadeth influence and a hint of the mighty Testament! METAL \m/

NEWSTED — Soldierhead