Nirvana 2013

Nirvana 2013 Nirvana 2013

Ustad Zakir Hussein (tabla), Bela Fleck (Banjo), Edgar Meyer (Upright Bass), U Srinivas (Mandolin) and Rakesh Chaurasia (Flute) played last Thursday at the World Trade Center in Dubai, to an almost sold-out crowd.

The first time I saw Zakir Hussein play live was 4 years ago in Dubai at the Aviation Club, so I had high expectations for this concert. First I’m glad i bought the Bronze ticket and not the Silver! The seats assigned to the Silver ticket holders were way to the sides of the stage, so they had to see the performance only though the big screen in front of that area. The Bronze area was behind all those classes in front of the stage, but the area was elevated, unlike the others whose seats were ground level.

Anyway, Zakir, Edgar and Bela started off the concert with one of my favorite tracks played that night. Didn’t quite like the rest of the songs as much. Those musicians don’t record together, they’ve just assembled this band to play live; so maybe they just worked really hard on their opening song. haha

Don’t get me wrong, the music was amazing and to see all those talents perform on stage live is an experience.

Really enjoyed Edgar playing his bass that was made back in the 18th century and  the captivating, warm oriental sounds from Rakesh’s flute.

This bass is from the 18th century!!

This bass is from the 18th century!!

They closed the concert with a bang, a short one though. Like most tabla concerts, the last song is usually the musicians improvising with a few notes, playing one after the other until they all start complementing each others notes, rhythms and drumming to form one huge closing finale. Just got to know that the term is Jugalbandi.

Although “videography” was prohibited during the concert and the security at the entrance told us not to  take videos even with our phones, they didn’t bother enforcing it; as I saw a member of the Bronze section with a little video cam and a tripod in front of him! haha

Enjoy this little video 🙂

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