Come in .. there’s loads of more room in The Fridge!

Tarek Yamani is an award winning, New York based jazz pianist – bringing an intellectually and musically stimulating programme of Jazz standards, Brazillian songs and his own original compositions. Experience jazz at its purest and most intense and look forward to a few special guest appearances. Fans of jazz and top-shelf tunes dont miss out! ”

That was The Fridge‘s event description that was held last Monday the 11th of March, 2013.

Getting to the venue wasn’t that hard if you had the general directions of where it’s located, which is tucked away in Al-Qouz 1 industrial area, in Al-Serkal Avenue. It gives the event a more authentic and exclusive feel.

Taken by @Marzypantz

Taken by @Marzypantz
“… quite a humble setting,…” Gavin Cassidy

Being in the “glamorous” Dubai, it’s always refreshing to go to offbeat places that offer genuine art to the public. And on the second night of the week, people would want to attend such events be it for wanting to listen to good music (in this case jazz, because it’s a starving scene), or to meet up with friends and get to know like minded ones.

“Art is personal. but art is also social.” Ali Shami

Captured by @Marzypantz "Tarek was very calm. His hands were all over the piano." Ali Shami

“Tarek was very calm. His hands were all over the piano.” Ali Shami

Tarek Yamani‘s performance brought forth a palate for everybody to enjoy depending on their appetite. His technical flare, his blue shoe-laces jazzing to a secret rhythm, the “juxtaposition of arab culture alongside classical piano” (Altitude), and  the mostly praised duets with renowned jazz bassist, Elie Afif; there was something for everybody.

The hunger for quality live performances in Dubai certainly raised the expectations bar of the audience. “WE WANT A JAZZ TRIO!” seemed to be the underlying outcry.

Tarek closed his performance with his “New Dabke” composition, which was the second dabke of the night.

– “I liked the getaway. The runaway. The setup. The support. The silent crowd. The light. The notes.” Anthony Assaker

– “… his style was really fitting for my ear.” Salar

– Speaking about the duet jams “… couldn’t but put a smile of my face and make me feel like grabbing an instrument and join the party!” K’reen

– “I keep an eye out for interesting/quirky events in Dubai, and the fridge regularly presents these,…” Gavin Cassidy

– “… The audience were just great. Everyone was sitting quietly listening to this form of art and appreciating every note and every tune that the performer was presenting to them.” Ali Shami

– “… the creativity of liquid sounds in a hidden place that by coincidence brought together a few secrets in life.” Prefers to Stay Anonymous

– ” It was amazing to go to The Fridge after a long day at work and disconnecting to the sound of beautiful piano tunes.” Ghida Arnaout from  Monkyseemonkydo

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