All Girl Bands

Emarati all girl rock band

The National newspaper posted this article today about an Emirati all girl rock band .. it’s cool and all, but I doubt they’re any good  (I just figured from the way the girls were holding their guitars :p ) .. so i decided to give them a listen and put reason to my judgement.

I know that’s a shallow approach to music, but let’s be factual; we all know they’re in the news not because of their music, but because they’re an Emirati all girl rock band. I mean it’s a good thing to know, but I would figure they should be  up to the “hype” to deserve the full support; otherwise they’re no better than a 8 month old baby uttering “mama” for the first time … yay …

Anyway, I searched for them on Youtube, because that’s the first medium anybody nowadays uses to get free exposure .. nothing .. which kind of reinforces my predisposition.

Fortunately though, I stumbled upon THIS! DAT JAZZ!

The 16 year old drummer, Senri Kawaguchi, is endorsed by some of the major drum/cymbal manufacturers and has been drumming since the age of 9! She’s a beast!

Also notably .. the bassist is rolling that funky jazz bassline, and the pianist and the saxophonist are just perfect.

I wouldn’t have found them have I not been searching for “Emirati all girl band” and I wasn’t disappointed AT ALL.

Verdict : If you’re getting publicity, might as well make it worth while and not promote half assed, amateur shit.

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