Last Day of Sikka

Attended the Sikka art fair last Sunday on it’s last day.

Loved the location! It’s based in an “old” looking district, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Got all these spaces for different uses and functions, and 3 outdoor stages out of which one was poetry, the other I just missed which was a female oudist who I heard was outstanding, and the third is of an electronic producer/rapper who goes by the name of Swerte.

Seen Swerte perform about 3 years ago as an mc opening for a big dj (forgot who, but it was big! 2manydjs? Basement Jaxx? My memory fails me at this point). His flow is quite different than all the other local mc’s who would either go on repeat each performance or just splurt out incomprehensible, “crowd hyping” sounds.

He’s now experimenting in playing his own compositions live with a drummer and another mc (Perfect Storm, who’s also part of the hip hop collective with Swerte and other mcs called The Recipe).

Managed to record a bit more than 9 minutes from the beginning of his performance:

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