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A sweet nut, like a macadamia, with interest in human beings. Music's like listening oxygen, quite essential. Random silliness is my drive.

All Girl Bands

Emarati all girl rock band

The National newspaper posted this article today about an Emirati all girl rock band .. it’s cool and all, but I doubt they’re any good  (I just figured from the way the girls were holding their guitars :p ) .. so i decided to give them a listen and put reason to my judgement.

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Badman Submarine Cruise Playlist

Dedicated to promote the deepest of dubstep / drum and bass music, the Badman Submarine Cruise Playlist facebook group is only getting bigger!!


One of the submarine’s very prominent crew members is Outerdub.

Grab this sick freebie!

Altitude – The Rain

Here’s a free track to download from a Dubai based producer who’s been on the rise in the world of drum and bass the past couple of years, releasing tunes on such labels as Good Looking, Fokuz, IM:LTD, … He’s set to open up for the big LTJ Bukem featuring Stamina MC here in Dubai on June 21st in The Music Room.

Altitude – The Rain

“Noches Sueños”—Mala featuring Danay Suárez

Buenos días chicos y chicas!

It’s the first time I think that I’ve ever woken up this early (10:30am) on a weekend, other than the camping trips!

This is the first tune that I played .. Mala’s a Don

“Noches Sueños”—Mala featuring Danay Suárez

yes I know it means “Night Dreams” as per google translate … but it can mean reflecting on those night dreams that you just had 😛

Last Day of Sikka

Attended the Sikka art fair last Sunday on it’s last day.

Loved the location! It’s based in an “old” looking district, Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Got all these spaces for different uses and functions, and 3 outdoor stages Continue reading