Water & Sound Experiment

This is the coolest thing you’re going to see until something else takes its place and blows your mind!

Uses the camera to record at 24 frames per second and plays around with the tones to create different effects .. genius!



Supposedly, playing Radiohead’s OK Computer and alternating In Rainbows’ tracks between them is epically complimentary and an ingenious work of art  …. let’s check it out! (you can read more here http://puddlegum.net/radiohead-01-and-10/ )

Radiohead – 01 to 10

… waaaaaaaaaaaa!! —-> Just coming out of a womb sound

If you’re here thinking that this is a blog about sexual moans, groans, thumping, slapping, spanking, and other sexually generated sounds, then you’re definitely on the wrong blog! (Although a blog dealing with that category of sound would definitely be a hit).

This blog is my first and it’s majorly going to be links to music. (That’s definitely been done before.)

I hope you enjoy the posts and follow my blog! If you have any links you would want to share with me and the community, please feel free to send/share.